Slingshot: A Long Look Back

Slingshot: A Long Look Back to Propel Foreword Progress By Charlotte A. Akin The Washington Coalition for Gifted Education has historically worked on advocacy for gifted children in Washington State. The National Association for Gifted Children...

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Transportation and Equity Matters

When advocating in my school district for a program for gifted children, I really didn’t give transportation much thought. I was a teacher. Buses brought kids to school and took them home. A few times each year we used buses for field trips. Then I began piloting a...

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A Three-Legged Stool for Gifted Kids

 Mathematicians tell us that a triangle forms a very stable stable shape, so engineers design structures using three-sided elements to hold heavy loads. In mathematics, three points describe a plane and this plane, when placed on three legs, becomes a platform that is...

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