Organizations, Websites and Periodicals

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
This organization supports professionals, parents and advocacy efforts nation-wide.
A variety of information is available at their site:
State affiliates with contact information
Research, State Gifted Education Standards, Legislation, and more
Three Publications:
Gifted Child Quarterly includes current research in the gifted population.
Teaching for High Potential provides practical guidance for educators
Parenting for High Potential offers articles of importance to parents

Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG)
Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. James Webb, this organization has multiple resources regarding the social/emotional needs of gifted children including parent   groups/training links and more. Dr. Webb’s work and site is also foundational to our understanding of twice exceptional children, those with Asperger’s, etc.

The National Research Center/Gifted and Talented
This research center at the University of Connecticut among other things distributes the competitive federal Javits research grants and has been a leader in nurturing academic research.

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
This is a privately funded organization specializing in profoundly gifted children, offering scholarships and many resources.

The Gifted Development Center
Founded by psychologist and author Dr. Linda Silverman, this site provides a variety of information for assessment, advocacy, counseling, as well as books, articles, a speakers bureau, and the Advanced Development Journal (a peer-reviewed forum for gifted adults).

Web sites etc.:
Hoagies Gifted Education Page
This site is a warehouse on gifted. It is comprehensive for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in the gifted population.

Raising Poppies is a great Facebook Community connecting the gifted and home schooling communities nationwide.

Periodicals: (in addition to those mentioned above)

Gifted Child Today
This is a peer-reviewed academic journal that has articles of interest to professionals and parents.