A Few of My Favorite Blogs


Crushing Tall Poppies by Celi Trépanier
The author has journeyed from public school teacher to homeschooling parent. She writes knowledgeably about educating gifted children, and her eye and heart go to emotional underpinnings.

Finding the Next Einstein by Jonathan Wai
Dr. Wai is a psychologist and research scientist at Duke University. He writes for Psychology Today.

Unwrapping The Gifted by Tamara Fisher
Tamara Fisher is a practicing teacher and professional developer in the field of giftedness. She has resources for teachers, parents, and administrators.

Fordham Flypaper
Different authors for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute post for the Fordham Flypaper. A “go-to” for articles of nation-wide importance in gifted education.

Stories from School by Jan Kragen
Stories from School has a variety of topics related to schools. Posting with an emphasis on gifted education, Jan Kragen is a practicing teacher and currently the leader of Washington’s Regional Highly Capable Programs Professional Developers. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Washington Association of Educators of Talented and Gifted and she specializes in advocacy.