Are Gifted Children “Second Class Citizens” in America’s Public Schools? By Charlotte A. Akin, M.Ed. The question is real.  Are gifted children treated differently in our schools than other children?  Schools focus on special education children. Serious amounts of...

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Gifted Advocacy at the School District Level

Advocacy seems to be happening year-round.  We had our Washington State Gifted Education Day at the State Capitol in January.  I was invited to NAGC’s Advocacy Conference in the other Washington in March - my introduction to advocacy at the national level.  In June I...

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Dialing Down Anxiety

      A pediatrician first gave me a method for dialing down anxiety: Minimize the situation. He said if I could help my girl make it smaller or simpler, she would be better able to handle it. I wasn’t to dismiss her anxiety. Rather, it was to help her see her...

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Dear Phillip

Dear Phillip June 2018 Phillip Meng, a high school rising senior and winner of the prestigious Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation Scholarship, is one of only four in the nation. The scholarship comes with a full ride for four years to the college of his choice. ...

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Negotiations: Let’s Make a Deal

Negotiations:  Let’s Make a Deal It wasn’t until I had a class of twenty-four gifted children in front of me to live with - for a whole school year - that I realized that “negotiating” was so much a part of a LOT of gifted children. I’d been a teacher in gen-ed...

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