Charlotte began taking notes when a parent was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She was urged to share her writings with a larger audience and published her first book. As a teacher of gifted students, she noticed a similar structure of support was in play. Both groups did not have a voice…

For populations without voice or power

their well-being depends on a three-legged stool of family, professionals, and advocates.  A family member, a teacher, and then an advocate, Charlotte found her niche working as a bridge of support between the three legs of the stool. She continues to write and advocate for both groups.

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She advocated with state lawmakers:

“Charlotte is my most trusted advisor in the gifted child arena in education…”

Washington State Senator Ann Rivers

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Advocacy for Gifted Education at the State Level

   For the past few years I have advocated with the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education on an equity bill for “highly capable” programs.  The bill mandates universal screening in districts for gifted learners and strengthens teacher preparation. It...

A Range of Program Options

Imagine one and only one option for program services for all special needs students. That would include blind students, deaf students, learning impaired students, children with Asperger’s Syndrome and so forth. What single school program or service would educate all...

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